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It's very safe! GMT respects your privacy and protects your information; all this supported by advanced technology. It also counts with a third party back up following industry standards.
Our money wiring service located in different places of Latinoamerica and abroad works with a wide network of payers. You can check out our list of payment points on the Payment Network section.
Here you can find a list of the States allowed for money wiring.
You can register for free and pay only $4.99 comission when you send money with us.
Yes, you can go visit us at 45 Prospect Street, Suite 201, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
Unfortunately, due to State regulations you need to be 18 years old in order to send money to any country.
Unfortunately no, due to State regulations you need to show a valid ID in order to receive money.


If your GMT registration is under this e-mail address you go to the Log In section (here) and click the "Forgot My Password" button in order to recover your password, you only need to type the e-mail address registered previously. A few minutes later you will receive an e-mail with the instructions to create a new password. In case your logged in with any social media account you would need to recover the password using that account.
Once you logged in, click on "My Account" and select the "Change Password" option on the left menu option (or click here). You must confirm your current password and specify the new password. Your new password must contain numbers and letters and have between 6 and 20 characters length.
Once you logged in, click on "My Account" and select the "Update cellphone" option on the left menu option (or click here). After a few minutes you will receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS with the confirmation code, type that code to confirm the update and save it.
Yes, you can customize your profile info. Once you logged in, go to the left menu and click on "My Account", "Personal Info" (or click here). Once you updated your info, make sure you save the changes by clicking the "Save" button.
Yes, go to "Beneficiaries" and find your beneficiary. There's a square with your beneficiary's name, click on the link "Add new payment type". Fill out the requested data and click on "Continue" to save the changes. You can also change the payment type at the moment you're making the wire, just click on "Payment type".


Go to "Log In" on the GMT home page (in this link). Fill in the blanks with your e-mail address and password or if you are registered with a social network account select that option.
Go the GMT home page and click on "Sign Up". You can register with your e-mail address and a password or by using your Google or Facebook account, in this case you wouldn't need a password.
Call us at 1 800 702 5656, Monday-Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM (Pacific Time). Or e-mail us to info@gmtsend.com.
On GMT we take good care of your information. Consult our Privacy Policy here and our Terms and Conditions here.
Yes, in order to request a cancellation please call us at 1 800 702 5656. If the beneficiary didn't receive the money we make sure to refund your money among 3 or 5 working days.
Soon you will also be able to pay services such as water, electricity, etc., And Phone prepaid cards.
Consult our Terms and Conditions here.
The exchange rate is updated every day, in order to give you the highest rate compated to other companies.
With your cellphone number we will be able to contact you in case we need any additional data or there's a situation regarding your transaction. Don't worry, we will only call you when it's necessary. Consult our Privacy Policy.


You can get your receipts from your e-mail Inbox, we sent the receipt for any transaction you create with us to your e-mail address. Or go to your transaction history record and you can download the receipt from any transaction you made.
You can send $3000 USD per month; in case you need to send a bigger amount please call us at 1-888-702-5656.
If you used your debit card as payment type, the money will take among 1 to 2 working days to be available. In case you made it from your bank account (ACH), the money will be available among 3 or 5 working days to be available.
No, the fees are $4.99 to any country.
You can check your transaction status by clicking on "Transaction History".
GMT works with a wide network of payers, to see them go and click on the "Payment Network" section. In case you can't find the payer you want, at the moment you are creating the transaction you'll see the full list of payers and chose one.
We have two payment methods. You can use your debit card or send it from your bank account (ACH).
The receiver can pick up the money as direct cash or get it deposited into a bank account. This could change for different countries.
Your receiver will need only a valid ID. (The ID must be issued by the government, such as passport, identidy card, etc.)
If your transaction is on hold we will contact you right away. We can call you to your cellphone or send you and e-mail. You can also call us at 1-888-702-5656 so we can inform you any details.
If your transacion is cancelled, you will receive a call or an e-mail with the information and reason of the cancellation.
In order to check your transacion history you need to Log In and go to your "Transaction History".
Your beneficiary can contact us at 1-888-702-5656 in order to follow up the transaction for its payment.